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Graphic Design

& Brand Development

Your brand is arguably one of the most important things from an outsider’s perspective on your business.  Potential clients are greeted with your branding before meeting you, understanding the services that you provide or the way in which you work, and if your brand isn’t perfectly portraying your business; it’s wrong.


Brand new, refresh or restart

Our professional design team can quickly and easily get to grips with the correct look and feel for both you and your business.  We offer a range of branding exercises, from looking at your existing branding with subtle improvements ( with proven results, ) completely re-designing the look and feel of your business, or helping new businesses start off on the right foot. 

Whether starting your business, growing your business, increasing your audience and visibility or completely starting fresh; we’ve got you covered. 

Brand Guidelines

Every business or corporation has a set of Brand Guidelines.  You may not know what they are, or indeed use them to their full potential, but the full circle approach of the look and feel of your business is specific to you.  

Whenever we brand or rebrand a business we always create a full Brand Guidelines document outlining the correct fonts, brand colours, when is best to use each file type and the correct placement and use of your logo going forward.  This assertive design nature always means that your brand is displayed exactly as it should; and works for you in it’s best light.


A cohesive approach

As well as looking at your brand presence and identity, we also offer a wide range of other Graphic Design services to ensure that all other presences ( both digital and physical ) are in line with your Brand Guidelines and work well together.  

Stationary, printed and digital advertising, flyers, posters, vehicle livery, the list is endless.  We take pride in our work and we know you’re proud of the services in which you provide; so we always want to make sure it’s just right.

Case Study

Danu Studios

Danu Studios

Danu Studios, a brand new health and beauty salon came to us looking to name, brand and advertise their business.  After sitting down with them to find out what their services would entail, the clientele that they were looking to attract and the treatments that they were offering – we embarked on a large research project. 

We finally landed on Danu Studios; harking back to the Goddess Danu which is a symbol for female strength, power and nurturing.  With a simple yet powerful typeface and a gold colour scheme the client was absolutely thrilled with what we put together. 

We later went on to help develop their website, social media presence and a whole host of branded clothing and signage; and have now grown the brand into one of the most popular salons within Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

Some of our high impact business services include